Transport Cube


 We use our fiber-optical expertise to provide simple, sturdy and lowest-cost turn-key transport solutions for access, metro and long haul networks to carriers, operators, ISPs, IXs and Data Centers. Our solutions rely on our components packaged and combined with further functions to plug-and-play carrier-grade systems. Due to a myriad of network topologies and data transmission standards interoperability has been of utmost importance. Various devices have been developed to enable connection of different networks.

Transport cube

The TRANSPORT CUBE series is a carrier grade, cost effective and very flexible modular platform that combines a multi-protocol transport platform for metro applications with optionally build-in test and measurement equipment (OAM and performance monitoring). The TRANSPORT CUBE enables network operators to implement a wide range of signal boosting, media conversions and information security with a comprehensive set of quality of service (QoS) features.