1rstWAP is a leading mobile messaging provider, offering advanced mobile messaging, location-based solutions and other services to mobile network providers, mobile virtual network providers, enterprise customers, government entities, and to those who seek a (branded) mobile communication solution. 1rstWAP operate its own telecommunication systems and infrastructure, including a distributed network of SMSCs installed at mobile network providers.

Established in 1999, 1rstWAP is an innovator and developer of Global Mobile Messaging Services. The company has gained a solid reputation and strong engineering capability in the harmonized development and convergence of web-based applications and mobile telecommunication technologies. 1rstWAP underpins this technical capability with a uniqueness that stems from operating its own telecommunication systems and infrastructure. This includes a network of SMSCs that co-exist inside strategic partner mobile operators located in Europe and Asia, allowing 1rstWAP to deliver high throughput volumes, quality and speed that truly matches operator-level capability. This, combined with our Signaling System 7 (SS7) know-how and our in-house software development competencies, is what differentiates the company from traditional SMS providers. The combination of experience, capability, and ownership and operation of infrastructure has allowed 1rstWAP to create a broad range of mobile business solutions for our customers, which include 2-way international mobile messaging, location-based services and a robust content provisioning platform.

Headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, 1rstWAP operates an engineering and development center with 24/7 operations and 24/7 technical support, as well as redundant server sites in Indonesia and Europe.

Social Contribution

1rstWAP and its team devote their time and resources to ISCO (Indonesian Street Children Organization), a non-government organization started by 1rstWAP, dedicated to improving the quality of life for street children through education. Headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, ISCO addresses the educational needs of children from very poor families who would otherwise live and beg on the streets.

As an independent organization, ISCO is non-political and has no religious affiliations. This organization was formed in 1999, and is based on the pure wish to facilitate the best life prospects for children who suffer from the worst of poverty in crowded slums in Indonesian cities. Often such children are forced to beg from motorists at busy intersections, or take on dangerous and unhealthy work at a very young age.

Being otherwise extremely vulnerable, the education and life skills that ISCO helps provide, gives them a sustainable and realistic opportunity. In fact, some of our children, who would otherwise have to beg on the streets, are topping their classes - thanks to the opportunities enabled by ISCO.

In 2010, over 2000 underprivileged children attended school thanks to ISCO!