Infosys Gateway Sdn Bhd , a Bumiputra company, was established in 2007. It is now an MSC status company and registered with MOF and MIDES. Over the years and with our long-term commitment to the Information Technology industry, we have successfully established ourselves as a qualified and professional company, which specializes in developing Hybrid Unified Threat Management (UTM) Network Security products ICT consulting, software applications and value added communication networking solutions.

We provide a broad range of ICT support, including design, management and deployment, relevant to any enterprise business needs, focusing on implementation strategies aimed at reducing enterprise costs thus increasing business competitiveness in today’s fast-paced global economy.

We take on the challenge of “Making It Happen” philosophy and embrace The New Economic Model (NEM), which is an economic plan unveiled in Malaysia in 2010, encouraging companies to be more competitive, market and investor friendly.

IT Business Era

In today’s highly competitive and increasingly global marketplace , corporations are beginning to use their networks as a strategic advantage – one that empowers the business to gain an edge over their competitors. Networks are becoming a more visible, integral and essential part of a company’s business.

IT organizations are being asked to evolve their existing network information systems to achieve lower operating costs , increased user access to critical business data and greater flexibility in responding to an increasingly demanding business climate. The end result is a steady stream of new technologies, constant pressure for new and improved network services, and increased requirements for higher bandwidths.

Responding to these pressures in a piecemeal fashion with multiple , compartmentalized purchases and frequent, uncoordinated changes in policy, will not keep the network ahead of the demand curve . Nor will it keep the enterprise ahead of the competition. Without a framework for guiding decisions, policy and new technology acquisitions , building an efficient and effective communications capability is unlikely, directly impacting the quality of the enterprise’s network.

Infosys Gateway’s development team started its R&D work in response to a definite market demand for an affordable, inexpensive network security device incorporating the security features for network protection with a security appliance. Infosys Gateway conceptualized the design for such an appliance, undertaking further research and testing to refine the original formula, creating an innovative, unique, Malaysian product for the world market.