MODERN TIMES Management & Consulting (MTMC) Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-based firm providing representation and management services to European SME Clients intending to enter into Asia (and potentially vice versa). The service offer is from simply having us acting as your Representative, towards establishing your full-fledged regional HQ. With our unique upscale / downscale business presence model you will be able to start your Asian business without massive up-front investments i.e. you literally can start small on our platform and grow in line with business success. Guaranteed is that you always will stay in full control and have full transparency over all aspects of your Asian business exposure managed by us. We provide the “one shop stop” for all steps necessary to set up such arrangements for you.

We are in alliance with a sizeable network of professionals and partner companies in various geographical locations. With our “building bridges” approach you will be pro-actively “connected” by us to utilize this network to the maximum extent possible for the benefit of their business.

We also provide specialized consultancy support for business restructuring, streamlining and M&A (acquisition and divestments), by means of complementary capacity for projects of large Customers but also on an individual basis. Moreover, certified Company Directors in our team are available for non-executive board director assignments.