The IPS200 IP Traffic Management Platform

Telcos around the world are rapidly switching to 100 GbE technology to keep pace with the growing consumption of bandwidth. Applications that are hosted on 10 GbE platforms have to also move rapidly to 100 GbE. The IPS200 Platform offers existing 10 GbE and new application developers an easy transition to handling simplex and full-duplex 100 GbE links.

The IPS200 hosts applications and manages IP flows such as

  • DPI Probe
  • Deep Packet Inspection Filtering
  • Deep Packet Inspection Routing
  • Classification, Reduction and Routing of IP traffic
  • IP Filtering based on varied criteria
  • Static and Dynamic IP Filtering
  • Aggregation and Load Balancing
  • Flow Data Generation

The IPS acts as a front-end to extend the life of existing 10G and 1G appliances by shaping and balancing the traffic into lower bandwidths. IPS200 can be deployed in

  • Cyber Security and Network Security
  • Application and Appliance Vendors –Telcos, Network Operators
  • Law Enforcement