FPGA Cards

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High-performance hardware coprocessors

Netcope FPGA Boards (NFB), FPGA-based programmable network interface cards, are unique examples of symbiosis of state-of-the-art technologies fitting together in terms of achievable performance and throughput. Network link speed, performance of on-board network controller, throughput of PCI Express bus, performance of host system – these are all factors that influence the whole solution.

Session Filter

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Handle the network flows in Hardware

Netcope Session Filter (NSF) is a session-oriented packet capture solution that leverages the hardware platform of Netcope FPGA Boards to accelerate per-packet processing and flow-based stateful filtering, which leaves more CPU performance for complex processing of network traffic like DPI. The cooperation of hardware and software makes it possible to build a powerful solution even for 100G Ethernet networks based on commodity multi-core servers.

Packet Capture

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High-performance network solution for wire speed packet capture

Netcope Packet Capture (NPC) is a packet capture solution that leverages a hardware platform of Netcope FPGA Boards to provide superb features in terms of wire-speed packet processing, filtering-based packet manipulation, and throughput to the host system. Standard PCI Express form factor makes it suitable for commodity multi-core servers. Multiple cards can be plugged into a single server to build a high-density solution.