Bypass Advantages

Some Tools like IPS, Firewalls or other security tools are installed in-line in the network to intercept suspect traffic, but what happens if the inline tool loses power or gets overwhelmed by too much traffic? The network goes down or slows down, negatively impacting employee productivity and business profitability. An Bypass Switch protects your network against power losses and inline Tool slowdowns. It installs in-line in your network so the tool doesn´t have to, and it makes sure your traffic keeps flowing even when the tool doesn´t.

The Bypass Switch creates a fail-safe in-line port for your tool. When the tool failures, the Bypass Switch also enables you to take down the tool for maintenance or to redeploy it without incurring any network downtime. Simply unplug the tool, and the Bypass Switch automatically keeps the traffic flowing.

Behind Bypass you can use inline Network Paket Broker to send the traffic to different inline inspection tools or to multiple load balanced tools.