Network Taps


 Organizations require 100% visibility into network traffic to ensure peak performance and security. But the larger a network grows, the harder it becomes to monitor. Blind spots can easily compromise network quality. Traditional monitoring methods, such as port mirroring, can be costly and add layers of complexity. And some monitoring solutions negatively impact network availability. With networks growing faster than ever, now is the time for a high-performance, scalable monitoring solution. 


Regardless of interface or location in the network, we provide a tap solution, supporting copper, multimode and single mode fiber at speeds up to 100Gbps with media conversion models available. Fast and reliable, passive network taps provide access for security and network management devices on all types of networks.

  • Provide 100% visibility to link traffic for greater security and network monitoring tools
  • Offer in-line link failover protection
  • Ensure access-ready connectivity
  • Eliminate high costs associated with adding SPAN ports
  • Save valuable rack real estate with high-density solution
  • Deliver fully passive functionality so monitoring infrastructure does not impact network availability