Regeneration Taps


Regeneration Taps enable the ability for multiple tools to monitor the same network traffic while adding the flexibility of modular SFP based monitor ports. Keep your intrusion detection and prevention systems, protocol analyzers, RMON probes, and other security devices productive with a single Regeneration Tap. Save on mirror ports or additional tools by allowing multiple tools to monitor the same traffic simultaneously through one Regeneration Tap.


For optimal flexibility, the Regeneration Tap have 16 SFP monitor ports so they can connect to any monitoring tool with any type of fiber interface: single mode and multimode. Just plug in the appropriate SFP transceiver modules for as many and whatever types of tools you want to connect.






Regeneration Tap


Knowledge Base

  • SPAN Ports Disadvantage

    SPAN Ports Disadvantage Port mirroring is an approach to monitoring network traffic that involves forwarding a copy of each packet from one network switch port to another. Span Port (Port Mirroring) is not passive technology. Passivemeans “have no effect and impact”. Using of Span is easy and fast deployed, but has some huge impacts. It puts an increased load onto the switch that often increases CPU or memory requirements Span Ports are limited, there is no scalability Spanning or mirroring...

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  • Bypass advantages

    Bypass Advantages Some Tools like IPS, Firewalls or other security tools are installed in-line in the network to intercept suspect traffic, but what happens if the inline tool loses power or gets overwhelmed by too much traffic? The network goes down or slows down, negatively impacting employee productivity and business profitability. An Bypass Switch protects your network against power losses and inline Tool slowdowns. It installs in-line in your network so the tool doesn´t have to, and it...

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