Virtual Taps



Virtualization Tap™ bridges the physical and virtual, so that you can monitor the virtualized network with your existing set of tools. Virtual Tap is capable of capturing and then sending inter-VM traffic of interest to the tools that are already monitoring your physical network.

Virtualization Taps provide complete visibility of traffic passing between Virtual Machines (VMs) in virtualized computing environments and clouds. Virtualization Taps include integrated management and filtering capabilities for your virtualized monitoring layer. These versatile software devices also send monitored traffic in encapsulated tunnels to physical monitoring tools, so you can use your existing tools and infrastructure to monitor your virtual environment.

  • Extends monitoring access into the inter-VM networking layer
  • Enables monitoring for security and compliance in virtualized environments
  • Applies existing physical monitoring tools, processes, and procedures to the virtual network






Virtual Tap


Knowledge Base

  • SPAN Ports Disadvantage

    SPAN Ports Disadvantage Port mirroring is an approach to monitoring network traffic that involves forwarding a copy of each packet from one network switch port to another. Span Port (Port Mirroring) is not passive technology. Passivemeans “have no effect and impact”. Using of Span is easy and fast deployed, but has some huge impacts. It puts an increased load onto the switch that often increases CPU or memory requirements Span Ports are limited, there is no scalability Spanning or mirroring...

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  • Bypass advantages

    Bypass Advantages Some Tools like IPS, Firewalls or other security tools are installed in-line in the network to intercept suspect traffic, but what happens if the inline tool loses power or gets overwhelmed by too much traffic? The network goes down or slows down, negatively impacting employee productivity and business profitability. An Bypass Switch protects your network against power losses and inline Tool slowdowns. It installs in-line in your network so the tool doesn´t have to, and it...

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