Bypass Switches



Networks face a continuously evolving barrage of security threats. Directly deploying inline security tools can create a line of defense, but these tools can also result in single points of failure. Even a potent mix of security and analytics tools can lead to risks as regular rebooting, maintenance, and upgrades increase the chances of costly network outages. While hardware devices such as bypass switches can help, not all switches are created equal.

The Bypass Switches provide fail-safe, inline protection designed to fit a network of any size. These switches safeguard a network with automated failover protection, preventing temporary tool outages from escalating into costly network outages. Ixia Bypass Switches are deployed between network devices and in front of security tools, providing a reliable separation point between the network and security layers. The result: comprehensive support of network and security tools without the risk of network interruptions. Better yet, Ixia Bypass Switches enable multiple security tools to process traffic from a single network link.


Ensure reliability and minimal device downtime with high MTBFs/MTTRs

  • Allow the deployment of active-standby and active-active network and security architectures
  • Avoid modifying traffic by seeing real copies of network packets
  • Prevent unnecessary network downtime for tool servicing and failures
  • Provide fail-to-wire and high availability
  • Enable switch capacity for up to eight segments
  • Support all Network Speeds








Knowledge Base

  • SPAN Ports Disadvantage

    SPAN Ports Disadvantage Port mirroring is an approach to monitoring network traffic that involves forwarding a copy of each packet from one network switch port to another. Span Port (Port Mirroring) is not passive technology. Passivemeans “have no effect and impact”. Using of Span is easy and fast deployed, but has some huge impacts. It puts an increased load onto the switch that often increases CPU or memory requirements Span Ports are limited, there is no scalability Spanning or mirroring...

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  • Bypass advantages

    Bypass Advantages Some Tools like IPS, Firewalls or other security tools are installed in-line in the network to intercept suspect traffic, but what happens if the inline tool loses power or gets overwhelmed by too much traffic? The network goes down or slows down, negatively impacting employee productivity and business profitability. An Bypass Switch protects your network against power losses and inline Tool slowdowns. It installs in-line in your network so the tool doesn´t have to, and it...

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