Intelligent Distribution and Control of Mobile Network Traffic



As carriers continue to expand their services and subscriber base, the network is growing faster than ever while being tied to budgets that are scaling at a slower pace. Simultaneously the network is getting more complex: access from 3G, 4G, large tower, picocell, and Wi-Fi at the edge, to increased services such as VoLTE and other IP services. All these factors highlight the need for effective network monitoring down to the subscriber level. How do you scale your monitoring architecture to provide the visibility you need into the network and give the business insight into the user-level experience to validate QoS and QoE?

For mobile carriers, network service dependability and customer experience are critical to success. But while network probes can provide visibility into wireless core networks, these devices have limited capacity and may not withstand fluctuating mobile subscriber traffic. At the same time, underloading network probes can create additional costs. Only by striking the right balance can carriers improve visibility into wireless networks while controlling costs.

This Solution helps service providers maximize network probes and capacity while improving visibility into wireless core networks. The solution effectively identifies and tracks mobile subscribers and load balances that the network probes by enforcing capacity and rate limits for each customer, even as mobile traffic rates fluctuate. If the controller detects faulty or overloaded monitoring probes, it automatically redistributes the load to other probes in the cluster. As a result, monitoring probes are able to focus on Quality of Experience (QoE) analysis rather than spend cycles trying to reassemble GTP session traffic.

Someof the benefits

  • Offload session correlation from network probes,greatly improving scalability and ROI
  • Session distiller allows you to intelligently filter and reduce traffic to the essential information, maximizing their scalability and tool efficiency
  • Scale up to 54 million subscribers and 64 ports
  • etc....