Cyber Range


One of the most important elements of building an effective Cyber Defence Centre is the people who will operate it and defend your enterprise or national assets. Live or almost-live cyber defence training is a vital aspect to your team’s effectiveness. Cyber Range is an infrastructure that replicates a real environment in order to train teams to defend against cyber-attacks scenarios.

Harden the resiliency of critical infrastructure, and train cyber warriors. Government, military, and commercial organizations are deploying “cyber ranges,” vast test beds that allow war games and simulations to strengthen cyber security defenses and skills. A traditional cyber range requires significant, costly investments in hardware and personnel—and even then cannot scale effectively to address today’s growing network traffic volume and ever-more-complex attack vectors. Organizations need a better way to deploy cyber ranges that can keep up with rapidly-evolving applications, threats, and traffic volume. Ixia BreakingPoint test solutions enable organizations to quickly, compactly, and cost-effectively recreate Internet-scale cyber warfare scenarios in a controlled environment.

Employing the same conditions as the world’s largest cyber ranges, our solutions help you harden your defenses and train and certify your IT professionals as cyber warriors. With cyber range solutions you will create an operationally-relevant environment that precisely mirrors the Global Information Grid (GIG), enabling sophisticated simulation of real-world cyber conditions, optimize and harden the resiliency of next-generation deep packet inspection (DPI) devices to carry out effective lawful intercept programs and related missions, model and research advanced cyber threats, including botnet-driven distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, and etablish centralized command and control to monitor and manage a distributed network of remote cyber ranges