Cyber Testing


The Cyber Testing solution runs a comprehensive range of tests on your network to ensure ongoing security – any weaknesses are detected and reported to the operator. The battery of tests is constantly updated by security update feeds so the target system is always tested with the latest available attacks vectors. If done regularly and when detected weaknesses are repaired, the target system will be more resilient to newer attacks which often exploit existing weaknesses.

The Penetration Test System simulates both client and server entities to unobtrusively test and assess the defence mechanisms in place. The Test System can also be used against real servers but usually only separated test environments.

The system simulates:

  • Nettwork and application traffic from Layer 2 to Layer 7
  • Large amounts of IP addresses
  • Clients, server and devices
  • A large diversity of platforms
  • A large diversity of Operating Systems
  • Legitimate Traffic
  • Malicious Traffic
  • Real Scenarios