More information of higher value is accessible via mobile devices and attacks on mobile platforms are increasing – exponentially. But mobile security levels are generally low, mostly being pinpoint solutions.

Mobile devices are built with security measures whereby the focus is on separations and restrictions in the system architecture and flow. To counter latest malware and trojans, these security measures are not enough.

  • Malware attacks use exploits in order to bypass mobile security
  • Factory security measures inhibit protection by standard applications
  • To deliver true security, solutions need access to the device’s OS and beneath it.
  • OS versions are re-written to fit specific device
  • Security level is same-same

Accessing the inner workings of the phone’s security mechanism, we enhance its security capabilities, expand its functionalities, and protect it, completely, from within.

Layered Approach

The layers of our comprehensive mobile security are:

  • Device Security
  • Anti-APT
  • Anti-forensics
  • Network Security
  • Avoids rogue networks
  • Obstructs eavesdropping
  • Communications Security
  • Secured P2P comms
  • Secured organizational comms
  • Management Application
  • Settings, configurations, alerts
  • On individual device and central management