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Data is growing faster than your perimeter and policies can’t keep up with the usage. Data is also constantly transposed by business processes across multiple silos. A cross-silo policy management creates visibility to any breaches, regardless of where they take place.

Each data transaction is unique and contains the forensic assets required to build a data-centric view of your business. With the Datiphy solution, every end-to-end transaction is processed and all events recorded. By focusing on the complete transaction, data activities and the full context in which they occur are captured.

Plurilock - Identity Access Management on Digital Behaviour

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Behavioral technologies are more and more becoming serious contenders in using biometrics to ensure information and system security. Advances in mobile computing, with the appearance of smart devices, and the increasing needs of security in critical areas such as finance and government are major drivers of the biometric security field. Behavioral characteristics are traits that are learned or acquired based on human actions. Examples of behavioral traits include keystroke dynamics, mouse dynamics, gesture dynamics, signature dynamics, voice and gait features.

ForeScout - Network Access Control & Monitoring

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New devices join your network every hour. Unmanaged notebooks, smartphones and tablets. Internet of Things (IoT) devices of all shapes and sizes. Rogue endpoints. Servers. These devices significantly expand your attack surface yet are invisible to many security products.

ForeScout products provide the unique ability to see devices, including non-traditional devices, the instant they connect to the network. They enforce policy-based control of these devices, orchestrate information sharing and automate workflows among disparate security and IT management tools. Here’s how: