Plurilock - Identity Access Management on Digital Behaviour


Behavioral technologies are more and more becoming serious contenders in using biometrics to ensure information and system security. Advances in mobile computing, with the appearance of smart devices, and the increasing needs of security in critical areas such as finance and government are major drivers of the biometric security field. Behavioral characteristics are traits that are learned or acquired based on human actions. Examples of behavioral traits include keystroke dynamics, mouse dynamics, gesture dynamics, signature dynamics, voice and gait features.


Pluripass is an anti-fraud solution for web applications, online transactions and web accessible login screens. Pluripass combines passive behavioral biometrics with cognitive, contextual and network signals in our risk engine to detect and take action on attackers in real-time. Our patented solution captures how users interact with mouse, keyboard and or/touchscreens to compute a unique biometric signature for that user.






Biotracker delivers continuous authentication on desktops. We protect the entire user session against unauthorized access by comparing a users unique behavioral biometric profile against the current user. Protect against password sharing, insider threats and remote access trojans with our patented technology, and without requiring any hardware. This is unparalleled proactive security compared to traditional reactive solutions used today.