GCX Mendel


Advanced Threat Detection

Better and faster Incident Response

GreyCortex Mendel employs advanced machine learning, unique detection algorithms and several additional traditional detection methods for detection of both known and unknown threats.

The most advanced Security Network Traffic Analysis

GreyCortex Mendel is a solution for advanced network security and performance monitoring for enterprise, government and other critical infrastructure. It dramatically improves the capabilities of security and network operations departments for rapid detection and response to security and other incidents. Its advanced machine learning, unique specialized algorithms and deep insight into network traffic make the detection of advanced threats and other behavioral anomalies more sensitive and reliable while decreasing the cost of operation.

Artificial Intelligence in Behavioral Detection

Unlike most solutions, Mendel is not dependent on manually set rules (thresholds). Instead, its advanced artificial intelligence (Machine Learning) and Data Mining automatically generate rules for anomaly detection relevant for particular networks or devices. These rules describe behavior of the whole network, each subnetwork, hosts and services. The rules gradually and automatically adapt as traffic and threats in the network evolve to effectively pinpoint malicious and anomalous behavior.

Much more capable than NetFlow and IPFIX

Mendel collects several times more information on network traffic than NetFlow, IPFIX or similar protocols. NetFlow or IPFIX records are enhanced with security parameters and performance analysis. These include frequency, spectral and traffic content features which are crucial for more sensitive behavioral detection.

Robust Detection Capabilities

Most specialized security technologies deal only with certain attack vectors, such as network threats to endpoints, and miss a range of other vectors such as infections outside of the network (especially important in case of BYOD policies) or threats targeting servers, databases etc. This has significant limitations that Mendel is designed to overcome. Mendel focuses on the entire enterprise infrastructure and all network traffic. Apart from general anomaly detection capabilities, it uses specialized detection algorithms for detection of malicious behavior, distinguishing machine and human behavior and more traditional signature-based detection.

Deep Network Visibility

Secure, reliable and efficient Network Operation

GreyCortex Mendel differs from other Network Performance Monitoring, Diagnostics and Application Monitoring solutions in several crucial aspects: its application awareness, identity awareness and a flow-based monitoring engine that processes more features (six times more features than NetFlow, for example).

Highly capable Network and Application Performance Monitoring

With its flow-based technology (listening to the network), Mendel provides proactive and un-obtrusive real-time monitoring of network and application performance issues. This continuous real-time monitoring and strong data-mining capabilities enable easy and quick root cause analysis of problems well before they start affecting the user experience. Mendel brings comprehensive and detailed visibility into network traffic and behavior of individual users, applications, services and content within the traffic. In addition, it allows monitoring of application availability, internal security, user accountability and traceability. It helps organizations demonstrate and prove compliance with different regulations such as PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA and more.

Flow-based and Packet-based Technology

Instead of relying on older and limited SNMP polling, Mendel leverages flow-based and content-based monitoring. Flow-based monitoring provides near real-time (1 minute intervals) visibility into network statistics and other summary and detailed issues. Deep content inspection (DCI) extends this information with real-time comprehensive contextual metadata (user identity, applications, for example).

Application Monitoring and more

Mendel constantly monitors communication of users and network applications of all ports and on TCP, UDP, ICMP and many other protocols. This enables monitoring of current and average bandwidth, response times, transit times, delay, jitter, ports in use, connection peers and more.
Powerful Forensics
Mendel generates metadata of network communication providing full contextual awareness – for example destination and source, user's identity and application protocol. It also integrates selective on-demand packet capture. Unlike technologies based on full packet capture, it allows the metadata on network traffic to be stored for a much longer time with low demands on storage capacity. This includes metadata of application protocols such as HTTP, SSL, TLS, SMB, SMB2, DCERPC, SMTP, FTP, SSH, DNS, IRC, VNC, RDP, XMPP, IMAP, SIP, ICQ, SSH, MySQL, MS SQL.

Easy to Use

The web user interface presents comprehensive information about network traffic: From management overviews, through aggregated information on communication of the network, subnetworks, users and applications, communication of peers, to details concerning individual flows and their content to precisely investigate interesting events. Users can use its powerful capabilities to filter and sort the data in any way.

High Usability & Effectiveness

More focused and less time demanding work. GreyCortex Mendel is designed for Advanced Security Network Monitoring of critical infrastructure and other high-demand environments. The advantages of Mendel technology including artificial intelligence, risk assessment, an intuitive web user interface and robust filtering will help you accomplish much more in less time.

Going Deeper, Knowing More

A unique Advanced Security Network Metrics (ASNM) protocol is used for monitoring over 70 features (attributes) of each individual network flow. For each network flow, information about source and destination, duration, data and content sizes, various packet counters and performance and spectral (signal processing) information is generated so Mendel can learn to distinguish normal flow characteristics from some types of malicious ones, even without the need to decode or decrypt the data. Since NetFlow only uses about 10 features, GreyCortex Mendel is much more sensitive and effective in the detection of malicious and other unwanted behavior. Another difference between Mendel and NetFlow is that Mendel uses proper and consistent bidirectional network flows which enables us to identify the beginning and the end of each flow (even non-TCP) and determine most of the requests and responses they contain and not necessarily ones split into 1 to 5 minute intervals. This is accomplished by the (ISO/OSI Layer 7) application detection (also known as NBAR). The information content is fully reconstructed to allow Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) techniques extract application-specific metadata for almost 1,000 application protocols including transferred files and related metadata even in tunneled traffic as described in the DPI section.